ZooActive® testimonials

"Our mixed breed dog, aged 14 years, has severe problems with the spine (paralysis) and epilepsy. In addition to medicines, our vet prescribed the use of ZooActive CBD Drops for pain relief. Your product works great and our dog is currently seizure-free."
"Our cat suffered from severe pain, so we saw a vet six months ago. It turned out that she had a digestive tract cancer. The vet told us there was nothing he could do for our cat. Nevertheless, I decided to try to find an alternative solution. I searched online and found your product, 7% CBD ZooActive. We couldn’t believe it – soon afterwards, the cat was no longer in pain and felt much better. After revisiting the vet, he found that the cancer did not spread. Thanks to ZooActive CBD Drops, our cat is still alive and lives a good life without pain despite the negative prognosis."
"We have an older Shi-Tzu, who has been diagnosed with spinal disc herniation. Because of unbearable pain, our vet recommended euthanasia. Since our entire family, kids included, is very much attached to the dog, we decided to try a therapy: corticosteroids, Novalgin, Tramal and CBD ZooActive. We saw changes immediately! After a few weeks, our dog has become lively and happy to be able to run around again. We’ve stopped giving him all medicines and we now only give him the prescribed dosage of ZooActive CBD Drops."
Owner with family
"Our Cocker Spaniel Lili is 14 years old and has real trouble moving due to pain in the hips and lower spine. A friend advised me to buy ZooActive products. Immediately after starting to take CBD Drops, Lili’s situation has improved. I’m very grateful for your product because it enables our Lili to live normally in the autumn of her life again."
"For no apparent reason, our pug started to chew objects in the house, leaving complete havoc behind. In addition, he started behaving very bossy and growled at family members. Our vet recommended ZooActive CBD Drops to calm the dog down, but I wasn’t really sure it would work. After a few days of use, our dog showed no signs of distress anymore and everything was back to normal. Thank you, ZooActive, your product rocks!"
"A completely new territory of food supplements for animals. With great curiosity, our veterinarian clinic tested your product. I must admit we are truly excited about the sensational results and treatment success. Pet owners’ feedback is always positive.
After a few days of getting used to the product (the preparation must be applied straight into the snout), we noticed a good response; the taste and smell are better than those of competitive products. After the first days of use, we noticed visible changes for the better in patients with chronic pain, early epilepsy and anxiety. The preparation works! Some of my colleagues say that this is a miracle. Experimentally, we used drops to successfully help a small hamster with a tumour on the stomach and a rabbit with oral mucosa lesions. We will carry out some additional trial therapies on various animals, but the results are more than excellent already now. We are delighted! And our patients and their owners, who have already become your loyal customers, are also satisfied."
Rok – veterinarian
"My 6-year-old dog Hesi has been suffering from severe pain due to severe arthritis and right hip dysplasia for three years. Until now, we relieved her pain with strong painkillers and corticosteroids. But she developed stomach inflammations and started drinking and peeing excessively. We know that this is a side effect of the therapy. We had a long discussion with our vet. He presented all the options of conservative therapy, surgical hip replacements and the possibility of alternative therapy with CBD Oil. We had nothing to lose, so we opted for the latter. Today, after a month of therapy with CBD Oil, the situation with our dog is completely normal. We stopped the analgesic and anti-inflammatory pill therapy a while ago, and Hesi’s behaviour is now completely normal! She shows no signs of pain and we can take her for walks just like we used to. Six months from now, we will do a follow-up x-ray to see the situation with the modifications on her bones and cartilage of the affected hip joint. We are very grateful to our vet for telling us about the CBD Oil therapy."
"There are no words to describe how life turns upside down when you are struck by the news that your health is not the way it used to be and you can’t live normally anymore. After a few weeks of taking CBD Oil, my symptoms are mild and I feel better."
Boris B., User from Slovenia

"I’m truly happy that my vet recommended CBD Oil for my kitten Zuma. At the end of last year’s summer, the kitten ran away for three days and returned with severe neurological disorder signs: he couldn’t eat without help, had difficulty walking and was tottering; he showed signs of migraine or severe occasional headaches by frequently pushing his head against walls or other solid objects in our apartment. I had to feed him by putting food into his mouth with my hands. Six months later, after having undergone all diagnostic procedures, including a CT scan of the head, and when nobody was able to explain the origin of his problems, his situation strongly improved after two weeks of using CBD Oil. Zuma started eating by himself and moving completely normally again, and his pushing of the head against walls decreased to approximately a quarter of what it was before. Today, my cat is almost the same as before he got sick."
User, Dublin

"The experience I want to share with everyone directly points to the fact that cannabis flower extracts can treat cancer and help with many other serious health issues. Also, I want to share with you the "medicinal wonders” experienced by some users when using hashish oil for treatment."

Rick Simpson, Hashish oil activis
"A castrated Irish Setter, aged 10 years. Diagnosis: degenerative myelopathy diagnosed in 2017; weakness in the rear limbs and loss of muscle mass. Therapy: 5 drops/day of ZooActive 7% CBD. Status: the situation improves. Less dragging of the rear limbs and reduced pain. In addition, the patient sleeps better."
"Our cat, aged 6 years, suffers from the Rolling Skin Disease. We treated it with a tricyclic antidepressant for years, but now we have substituted it with ZooActive CBD Drops. We aree surprised with the results. For the last 8 weeks, the kitten has been symptom-free."
Venessa, Dublin
"By adding tiny amounts of cannabis resin to children’s daily meals, we could eradicate the diseases such as cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and many others."
Rick Simpson
"As promised, I’m informing you about the first results. An hour after administering two drops, pain in the leg has stopped. I will keep you posted."
"I have a 12-year-old Labrador who suffers from spinal problems and pain when getting up. As result, he is anxious and in pain. He has been on Rimadyl and Tramal for a few months, and we have been giving him ZooActive Drops for the last three weeks. After only a week of taking CBD Drops, his situation has strongly improved and he doesn’t need Tramal anymore. We only give him Rimadyl at night."
Sam, Ireland