1. Introduction
General Terms and Conditions are compiled in accordance with consumer protection regulations, based on the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ireland and international codes for online and electronic business.
The online store zooactive.com (hereinafter referred to as "online store") is managed by company Herbamedis Limited hereinafter referred to as the provider. The user is the person who uses our system, that is, the buyer in the online store hereinafter reffered to as the customer. General Terms and Conditions address the functioning of the online store zooactive.com, the rights of buyers and the business relationship between the provider and the customer. By purchasing or subscribing via the ZooActive contact form, the customer allows the provider to store, process and use personal information provided via the web form until cancelation for the following purposes: offering goods, services, employment or temporary work by using postal services, telephone calls, SMS, e-mail or other telecommunication means (hereinafter: direct marketing), invitations to events, customer segmentation, surveying, statistical processing. An individual may, at any time, in writing or in any other agreed manner, request from the personal data controller to permanently or temporarily discontinue the use of his/her personal data for the purpose of direct marketing.
The contents of the website are intended for informational and educational use and are not intended as a substitute for medical consultation. In regard to the usefulness of our advice and suggestions, we advise the customer to consult his/her personal physician according to his/her state of health.

2. Accessibility of information
The provider undertakes to always ensure the customer the availability of:

• information on the provider's identity (in particular, the company and its registered office and the register number where the company is registered);

• contact information that enables the customer to communicate quickly and effectively with the provider (e-mail address, telephone, etc.);

• information on essential product features or services from the online store offer, including after-sales services and warranties;

• information on accessibility of products or services from an online store offering;

• the manner and conditions of product delivery or performance of services, in particularly the place and delivery deadline;

• information on the method of payment;

• information on the time validity of an offer from the online store;

• information on the time limit within which it is still possible to withdraw from the contract and the conditions for withdrawal;

• information on the possibility of returning products and on return costs for the customer;

• information about the customer complaint procedure and contact details of the provider.

3. Order, delivery times and delivery
After placing the order, the customer receives an order confirmation on his/her e-mail within 24 hours. Any cancellation of the order can be made within 2 hours from the submission of the order by the customer to the e-mail address info@zooactive.com. In the event that the customer does not cancel the order within the agreed time period, this means that the contract for the purchase of products between the customer and the provider is irrevocably concluded. The contract (order) is stored electronically on the provider's server and accessible to the customer by placing a request via the e-mail of the provider at info@zooactive.com.

Within the promised deadline, the supplier will pack and dispatch the product. In the event that the order is placed on a business day by 11 am, the shipment shall be dispatched on the same day. In the event that the order is placed after 11 am, the provider will send the shipment the next business day. The shipment usually arrives the next day after dispatch. Delivery partner is GLS logistic services provider. GLS delivers every day from Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm, Saturday delivery is also possible. The official delivery period to which the GLS is committed is 3 days. In the event that the customer does not receive the package within 5 business days after placing the order, the customer must inform the provider via e-mail at info@zooactive.com.

Shipment costs for all orders in the value of less than €50 is €4. Shipment costs for orders of more than €50 is free.

4. Contract of sale
The provider will issue an invoice to the customer who purchases the product from the online store with a breakdown of costs and an explanation of the right to withdraw from the purchase by returning the purchased product, if necessary and possible. The purchase contract in the form of a purchase order is electronically stored on the provider's server and is accessible to the customers (buyers) at any time via the e-mail info@zooactive.com. The purchase contract is concluded in the English language.

The sales contract between the provider and the customer (buyer) is concluded at the moment the provider approves the order (see article 3). From that moment on, all prices and other conditions of purchase are fixed and apply to both the provider and the customer (buyer).

5. Payment methods
In addition to the payment upon delivery, we also enable payments via PAYPAL system and direct SEPA transfer.

• When choosing a payment upon delivery, the shipment is sent by registered mail with the redemption value. Payment of the purchase price and shipping costs is made upon the delivery at the post office or at customer's home.

• Another form of payment is credit card payment via Paypal. Paypal is an internet payment method with VISA, Mastercard and other credit cards, which provides 100% security for the customer.

• The third method of payment is the direct payment of the purchase amount through the SEPA transfer..

6. Delivery
The provider will deliver the ordered products to the customer (buyer) within the agreed time. The contractual partner of the merchant for delivery of shipments is GLS. The provider reserves the right to choose another delivery service if he can make the order more efficient.

In case of visible damage to the packaging or goods, the customer's complaint must be given to the provider or delivery service upon receipt of the goods. The buyer of such goods is not obliged to accept and can refuse the shipment. In the event that the package is physically damaged, has a missing content, shows signs of opening, or if the products in the package are damaged and the customer has nevertheless accepted such package, the customer must then initiate the complaint procedure with the GLS or with the provider.

7. Prices
All prices in the online store are listed in euros and do not include VAT (in accordance with Article 94 of the Law on VAT), unless otherwise explicitly stated. All prices in the online store are product prices and do not include shipping costs (see articles 3 and 10). All prices apply only to online orders via online store.

All prices apply at the time of placing the order and do not have a predefined validity, so they are valid only until their respective changes. The offer is valid until the stock lasts.

8. The right to withdraw from the purchase, the return of products
The customer (buyer) has the right to notify the dealer within 15 days from the day of the delivery of the ordered products via e-mail at info@zooactive.com about the withdrawal from the sales contract, without having to state thae reason for such a decision. The return of the purchased products to the provider within the time limit for withdrawal from the sales contract shall be deemed to be a withdrawal notice. The only cost for the customer that ensues from the withdrawal from the sales contract, is the cost of returning products to the provider.

Purchased products must be returned to the provider no later than 14 days after placing the notice of withdrawal from the purchase contract. Purchased products must be returned to the provider undamaged, in original packaging and in unchanged quantity, unless the product has been damaged, spoiled, lost or its quantity decreased, without the fault of the customer. The provider issues the paid amount for returned goods to the customer (the buyer) as soon as possible or 14 days after receiving cancellation notification at the latest. Any used promotional codes and other discounts are not returned to the customer (buyer). The refund of the paid amount is made by the provider to a personal or transaction account of the customer (buyer) or through the PAYPAL system.

Although we always act in good faith, there may be errors in the site's changes. The provider undertakes to eliminate the detected error as soon as possible.

The customer can notify the provider of an error via e-mail. If the ineligible costs result in an error, the provider undertakes to settle them within 14 days of the reasoned error message at the latest. The merchant carefully packs all the products in the delivery box before shipping them. All products are undamaged, accurately inspected and in original packaging before shipment.

It is considered that the message of withdrawal or the product is sent in due time if the shipment is submitted within the deadline.

The provider may withhold payment until it receives the returned goods or until the customer (the buyer) sends evidence that the goods have been sent back, depending on which event occurs earlier. For more detailed information on the product return process, please contact us via e-mail at info@zooactive.com.

9. Security
The provider uses appropriate technological and organizational means to protect the transmission and storage of personal data and payments. For this purpose, the trader uses a 256-bit SSL certificate issued by an authorized organization. For PayPal purchases, security is provided by the Paypal system provider.

10. Disclaimer
The information published on zooactive.si website is intended solely for general information and can not replace a personal visit to a doctor. If you think that you need medical attention, contact your personal physician or the appropriate health institution.

Although the provider is trying to provide accurate photos of products sold in the online store, all photographs must be considered symbolic. Photos do not provide product features.

The provider is not responsible for the information in the opinions that are individual assessments of individuals and is unrelated to any liability arising from the information in the opinions. The provider reserves the right to change the Terms of Business at any time and in any way, regardless of the reason and without prior notice.

11. Protection of personal data
The provider undertakes to permanently protect all personal data of the user in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The provider will use personal data exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling the order (sending information material, offers, invoices) and other communication needed. In no case shall the user's information be handed over to unauthorized persons.

12. Solving material or latent defects
The customer must notify the provider and provide a detailed description of the defect via the contact form at www.zooactive.com. The customer must allow the provider to inspect the product with a material or latent defect. If the defect is not controversial, the provider replaces the product or provides the customer with a refund within 14 days of receipt of the complaint at the latest. If the provider disagrees with the material defect or there is a dispute, the provider must issue a written objection to the customer within the same deadline.

The provider will ensure that all products from the complaint will be replaced or will be refunded to the Current Account. However, the provider reserves the right to refuse a complaint in the event of:

• returned goods are damaged by the customer,

• returned goods do not have a security seal or are not in the original packaging,

• provider determines that the product is damaged or unusable as a result of the improper handling on the part of the buyer..

13. Complaints, Disputes and Application of Law
The provider respects the applicable consumer protection regulations. The provider has an effective complaints handling system and has a particular person who, in the event of a problem, can be contacted by the customer (buyer) via phone or e-mail. In the event of a problem, the customer (buyer) can contact the provider via contact form or our email info@zooactive.com. The complaint processing procedure is confidential.

Within 5 business days, the provider will confirm that he has received a complaint and will inform the customer (buyer) how long he will be handling it and keep him/her informed about the progress of the procedure. The provider will strive as best he can to resolve any dispute amicably. If an amicable settlement of the dispute will not be reached, the court of Dublin shall have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any dispute between the provider and the customer (buyer). The provider and customer (buyer), as participants in electronic commerce, mutually recognize the validity of electronic messages in court.

These General Terms and Conditions and all disputes between the provider and the customer (buyer) are subject to Irish substantive and procedural law.

Herbamedis Limited

Email: info@zooactive.com