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A specially formulated veterinary food supplement to improve your pet’s health and wellbeing.cbd pets

ZooActive® Drops

Available with 3% and 7% CBD.

3% CBD Drops with lecithin are suitable for mild, chronic types of health issues in animals. They can be used to help with chronic pain and inflammations, insomnia, allergies, anxiety, arthritis, problems with joints and mobility, loss of appetite, skin problems, and to boost the immune system.

7% CBD Drops with lecithin and vitamin E are suitable for large animals and more intense, acute health issues, such as acute pain, seizures, cancer, borreliosis, and in post op therapy.

Help your pets in an effective and natural way.

CBD živaliZooActive Drops are a food supplement for animals which effectively relieve many chronic and acute health issues.


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ZooActive Drops can be used for all pets and wild animals. They are most frequently used for all breeds of dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, cattle and birds.

CBD – the miraculous hemp ingredient with a wide spectrum of applicability in veterinary medicine.

CBD’s important role as a natural substance in the treatment of many health issues has already been recognised and proven by many studies in the field of human medicine; veterinary science is slightly behind in doing so, but that doesn’t mean CBD is less useful or effective in animals.

The market offers many preparations with CBD of various qualities and effectiveness levels. However, we believe that only the best is good enough for your pets. ZooActive CBD Drops are the best you can find on the market for your pets.
High-quality product
Refined extraction from hemp bud extracts is vital in order to obtain oil of the highest quality without any residual solvents or toxins.
All-natural and organic product
It is ecologically produced, free of pesticides, fungicides and solvents. ZooActive is 100% safe and 100% natural.
Works quickly and effectively
You will see the first results after a few days of use.
Up to 15-times better absorption
Much higher bioavailability and up to 15-times better absorption.
Not psychoactive
The CO2 method, in which high pressures and low temperatures are applied, ensures precise CBD extraction and protection and enables obtaining a pure substance without THC.
Over-the-counter availability
Our product is a food supplement for your pets. You don’t need a prescription to get it.
Contains flax oil
Rich in Omega-3 acids.
Contains sesame oil
Rich in Omega-6 acids.
Contains coconut oil
Ensures optimal CBD-to-receptor transfer.
CBD in the form of tincture
The easiest way to ensure that your pet receives an optimal dosage of CBD is with the number of tincture drops.
Contains lecithin and vitamin E
These two important substances are not represented in sufficient amounts in your pets’ ordinary food.
Made in cooperation with veterinarians
This product is based on many years of research and experience. It is made in cooperation with veterinarians.

ZooActive® testimonials

  • "I have a 12-year-old Labrador who suffers from spinal problems and pain when getting up. As result, he is anxious and in pain. He has been on Rimadyl and Tramal for a few months, and we have been giving him ZooActive Drops for the last three weeks. After only a week of taking CBD Drops, his situation has strongly improved and he doesn’t need Tramal anymore. We only give him Rimadyl at night."

    Sam, Ireland
  • "As promised, I’m informing you about the first results. An hour after administering two drops, pain in the leg has stopped. I will keep you posted."

  • "By adding tiny amounts of cannabis resin to children’s daily meals, we could eradicate the diseases such as cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and many others."

    Rick Simpson
  • "Our cat, aged 6 years, suffers from the Rolling Skin Disease. We treated it with a tricyclic antidepressant for years, but now we have substituted it with ZooActive CBD Drops. We aree surprised with the results. For the last 8 weeks, the kitten has been symptom-free."

    Venessa, Dublin
  • "A castrated Irish Setter, aged 10 years. Diagnosis: degenerative myelopathy diagnosed in 2017; weakness in the rear limbs and loss of muscle mass. Therapy: 5 drops/day of ZooActive 7% CBD. Status: the situation improves. Less dragging of the rear limbs and reduced pain. In addition, the patient sleeps better."

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